I will look at your face, hands, finger nails, and lab reports. I will listen to your story, feel your questions, and live in your shoes for a moment. I’ll go into contemplation that draws from a deep well of knowledge from my ancestors, my heart, my mind, my books, and my intuition. Then I will give you my thoughts on what you are experiencing and my intuition on what may help. I am a mother, a third generation healer, a biochemist, a massage therapist, distiller of essential oils, and green building and environmental consultant. A long time philosopher of nutrition and orthomolecular science, I am currently studying for my master’s degree in nutrition and functional medicine. I will continually integrate and share what I find. My intuition is based on first hand knowledge, and backed by research.

I was a sick child. My credentials include having lived and learned through many illnesses myself, including cancer, fibromyalgia, menopausal arthritis, adrenal fatigue, severe allergies, autoimmune disease, asthma, and now trigeminal neuralgia. Constantly researching and looking for answers to my own and my family’s health issues I have developed a seventh sense about health matters. My experience directly informs my base. New and exciting information on the genome, SNPs– small segments of genetic code that express disease or NOT, that may be switched on or off, has changed the scene for health and wellness researchers like myself. Now we know more than ever before, we have to apply it and further intuit it. The shear veil between ethereal and material worlds is getting thinner, and so as we embark in the world of science we must maintain our spiritual connection to source. Our scientific understanding has to be integrated and reticulated through mind, body and spirit. and our spiritual understanding must be informed by what we know, and feel. The worlds are and always have been well connected by an isthmus of the heart. We travel along that isthmus more freely now.