Month: April 2017

Vitamin C’s Historical and Miraculous Record | The Health Matrix Advertisements


Anti-oxidant And Pro-oxidant

Two mechanisms are at play with Vitamin C treatment. One is the ability of the C to act as an antioxidant. The other is the ability of the C to act as a prooxidant. In very different doses we can utilize both mechanisms. We are all familiar with the antioxidant application. The antioxidant Vitamin C

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Old Dog New Trick

Liposomal vitamin c is a relatively new form of vitamin c delivery. It is vitamin c that is encapsulated in tiny nanospheres of lecithin. They are so tiny as if predigested, they are taken up by the lymph system in the small intestine (by lacteals) and travel straight into the lymphatic vessels…when they encounter a

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Free Service

I will give a complimentary consultation on the use of liposomal Vitamin C with the purchase of a box of Lipo-Spheric Vitamin C. I am a user and distributor of this product. It is a revolutionary product, a wonderful disruptive technology that will save a multitude of suffering to humans and animals, alike. The company

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Dirty Little Secrets of a Natural Momma

I’ve got some insider knowledge on the term ‘natural’  in the holistic health world. As a chemist, I know  it really means nothing, as natural products make up all the man made products of the twenty first century. Everything is derived from natural substances, it is often altered beyond recognition as a natural substance, but

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IV and Liposomal Vitamin C Treatment Today

Family insists on IV vitamin C for their father in a coma with swine flu and leukemia. He receives 100 grams per day and improves dramatically. He is taken off IV vitamin c by a frightened doctor. The family doesn’t give up and started giving him 6 grams per day of liposomal vitamin c. Both

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Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for Viral Trigeminal Neuralgia

Twenty five grams of ascorbate Injection of Glutathione Supplemental liposomal vitamin c for keeping serum levels up for an extended period Treat the virus as if the vitamin c were an antibiotic given for ten days at a sustained blood serum level Help the body kill the virus without affecting other healthy tissue Getting an

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