Dirty Little Secrets of a Natural Momma

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I’ve got some insider knowledge on the term ‘natural’  in the holistic health world. As a chemist, I know  it really means nothing, as natural products make up all the man made products of the twenty first century. Everything is derived from natural substances, it is often altered beyond recognition as a natural substance, but it may still be called ‘natural’ or ‘all natural’. So before buying a product I always look at the ingredients and decide from that perspective. Many high priced ‘all natural’ products are the same or worse for the human body than their conventional counterparts. And likewise many conventional less expensive and less trendy products are quite fine and good for the purpose for which they were intended. And then some of those conventional and ‘all natural’ products are good for some off label applications too. Such as, now I’m going to tell you my confession, using Head and Shoulders and a soft bath brush as an exfoliant facial scrub…there you have it. My dirty little secret is I use a cheap bottle of Classic Clean H&S to kill a flakey itchy eyebrow and around the nose fungus that erupts when I used to eat GMO corn by accident. True, like a piece of litmus paper, I would get a tiny patch of itchy scaly skin around my nose and in the hairs of my eyebrow as a sign that somehow a trace of GMO corn had found its way into my tortilla. I would go to Walgreens and buy a bath brush and travel size bottle of the shampoo. After three days, scrubbing gently each day with a thick lather, the fungal outbreak would go away. Fresh new skin would appear. Zinc, a component of the shampoo was the active ingredient. Taking zinc gluconate supplements didn’t work as well as Head and Shoulders applied directly to the outbreak. I always remember my elementary school music teacher with the scaly red eyebrows, and imagine myself telling him about the H&S, and while I’ve told several people this treatment, I don’t think it has become widespread as yet. It’s a secret still. In the last ten years, since I was treated for thyroid cancer, the fungus has been returning more frequently. I developed patches on my hands right before an analytical chemists conference I had helped organize, and would be shaking a thousand hands that week. My remedy worked, but why was I being plagued by this? In the last five years I became Neanderthal as my husband calls it, following a modified Paleo diet, and not eating any grains at all so the occurance of fungus became less and less. However about three months ago an outbreak on my feet and hands occurred that was resistant to H&S. I decided to look beyond the remedy and see if I could treat the cause. My herbal immune booster helped if I was diligent, but again herbs are an agent in the body, like a drug, that stimulates and effects a change, but doesn’t necessarily nourish or fill a deficiency. This had to be a deficiency of some sort…some inability of my body to utilize or synthesize or otherwise obtain a necessary nutrient. Age can diminish our ability to assimilate nutrients, lessen our capabilities to manufacture certain cofactors, so I began a quest to find what it is, that is causing this new overrun of fungus. I looked it up, it’s called Tinea Manuum. I also knew from my former research that underlying cancer can predispose one to fungal infections. Dr Gerson of the now famous Gerson Method of cancer detox treatment said in his writings that most if not all fungus manifests when the body is under great stress caused by cancer, and noted that one is always present with the other even in occult cases of cancer. This had me concerned. In the back of my mind I often hear Dr Gerson’s words guiding me toward some wisdom I had heretofore overlooked. So was I harboring some unknown form of cancer or was my immune system so compromised that constant and persistent fungal infection and  increasing incidence of Trigeminal (read herpetic TN in my case) Neuralgia was now the norm? Yikes, I was dismayed and incensed at once. I was going to go through my long list systematically and diligently to find the cause of my obvious decline in health status. I think we often see the signs but tend to ignore it as long as possible, then use remedies both ‘natural’ and conventional, that help us forget there is still an underlying problem. Then the body sends more signals and signs and symptoms seemingly unrelated begin to crop up. We call it old age sometimes, quite appropriately, because it is old age that causes us to suddenly have a deficit. Certain nutrients of which we formerly had borderline enough…. are now needed in higher quantities or are no longer being synthesized or utilized due to break down in production mechanisms or inabilities to absorb nutrient component building blocks….I tried Rife technology, acupuncture, trace minerals, garlic oil, ramping up B vitamins and other skin vitamins, biotin, PABA and zinc and selenium. Something was missing the fungus was everpresent and the Trigeminal Neuralgia outbreaks became more frequent. On top of it all I was getting discouraged and was besieged by pain or the constant anxiety that I could get uncontrollable pain from TN at any moment and that depleted my nutrients even more.  I hadn’t looked at my vitamin C status in a while and started using liposomal vitamin C to combat viral load. Reading Dr. Klenner and Pauling, Levy and others I realized I might have sub optimal levels of vitamin C. Upon performing the bowel test for vitamin c tolerance and not being able to precipitate loose stools after taking 10 grams of pure ascorbic acid in a day! I realized I have extremely poor vitamin C status. I may have had this due to stresses such as cancer treatment, resulting Fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalance, and adrenal stresses of being on high dose synthroid, for quite some time. It’s crazy I didn’t put all this together till today when I woke up two days after IV vitamin C and 12 grams daily of liposomal C a treatment I embarked upon to get rid of the viral trigeminal neuralgia and assist myelin sheath regeneration on the fifth cranial nerve, and noticed, hey my hand fungus is almost completely healed overnight. I wished I had taken a picture of my hand Saturday  before I started the IV and liposomal vitamin C, but I hadn’t thought about it, I was so focused on finding a cure for trigeminal neuralgia caused by viral infection of the nerve. I was viewing the vitamin c as an agent to kill viruses, rather than a nutrient, and not realizing what it could do for me in other areas where poor vitamin C status was the underlying issue. Dr Gerson was right, noting that most cancer patients suffer from fungal infections too…it is a sign of poor overall vitamin C status, affecting immune function. Indeed, stresses such as cancer use up whatever available vitamin C there is, and leave the body even more depleted and immune function suffers terribly. Vitamin C is deficient, in some of us, so much that occasional encounters with GMO corn can cause an outbreak of skin fungus. Small red patch at the base of the thumb is all that’s left over, no itching and the skin seems to be replacing with healthy soft skin. Oh and I should also report, I have been two days without lysine and taking liposomal C 12 grams per day, haven’t had an outbreak of TN. I’m keeping a detailed diary and will share as I go along. 


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