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I will give a complimentary consultation on the use of liposomal Vitamin C with the purchase of a box of Lipo-Spheric Vitamin C. I am a user and distributor of this product. It is a revolutionary product, a wonderful disruptive technology that will save a multitude of suffering to humans and animals, alike.

The company dictates the retail price,  so I am basically selling the liposomal vitamin C at the cost set by the manufacturer, and giving my consultation services on the use of this treatment, based on my research and personal use of this product, for free…

I am glad to be able to teach about this new method of delivery of Vitamin C. What I have discovered while using this product is phenomenal. You may go to my website,, to click on the IV and Liposomal Vitamin C tab at the top of the HOME page to learn more. You may also book an appointment with me by clicking on the ‘Book Appointment’ button on this blog or at the website. Thankfully yours, Charle-Pan

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