Old Dog New Trick

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Liposomal vitamin c is a relatively new form of vitamin c delivery. It is vitamin c that is encapsulated in tiny nanospheres of lecithin. They are so tiny as if predigested, they are taken up by the lymph system in the small intestine (by lacteals) and travel straight into the lymphatic vessels…when they encounter a cell membrane they are easily assimilated because the lecithin coating on the nanosphere is a phospholipid closely resembling the cell membrane. The liposomes raise the serum levels of vitamin c so that white corpuscles can access the vitamin c. White blood cells of the immune system that fight disease are the highest users of vitamin c, in the highly available vitamin c laden serum white blood cells, the body’s defenders become saturated with the vitamin c they so need to do their job. Long periods of stress, fighting disease, grief, viral outbreaks, bacterial and spirochete eruptions such as chronic Lyme, Epstein Barre, herpes, shingles, hepatitis A, B, C and others, deplete the white blood cells of their vitamin C stores. In healthy young dogs, goats and other large animals (except primates and humans of course)the body produces 50 to 100 grams of vitamin c per day to furnish the cells of the immune system with ample amounts to kill the invading pathogens. Interestingly older dogs with waning immunity having lost their ability to manufacture large amounts of vitamin c in the liver, will sometimes get a form of scurvy, bleeding gums, breakdown of collagen, loss of teeth, and can be given high dose vitamin C to reverse these dog signs of aging, improving quality of life in those last dog years. Old dog new trick.

Unfortunately for me, I needed so much vitamin C after years of fighting trigeminal herpetic neuralgia, I couldn’t take enough vitamin c orally and through normal GI digestion to keep up my serum levels of vitamin C. So the nanosphere delivery system has been the breakthrough solution for which I had been praying. I am so thankful. 


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