Shooting Blanks

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I want to keep taking it long term, because it’s working and for the first time in 7 years, I am pain free. It’s phenomenal how good I feel. Other side ailments are disappearing too…Such a simple remedy. I knew I had found a critical piece to the puzzle, when blood tests showed extremely high antibodies to herpes zoster and simplex 1 and yet I was having constant outbreaks of trigeminal neuralgia and herpes encephalitis, and it was spreading to other nerve areas. I surmised the antibodies had no vitamin c ammunition to kill the virus. It was as if the lymphocytes were shooting blanks at the target. I was in agony. The only pain meds that worked were medical marijuana, but it did nothing to kill the virus and so it continued to spread and take up residence in other nerve tissue. I was going to die or kill myself if I could not find a fix. I had tried all the conventional pharmaceutical antivirals, and non conventional too lysine, olive leaf, MCT, red algae, herbs, acupuncture, Rife machine, vitamin therapy, vermicide, radical cleansing, diet, and was at wits end. Finally, I went to see a a pot doctor, to get some medical marijuana for nerve pain, one of the allowable ailments for MM, he also a pain management doc, said to me that I had been on the right path, trying to boost my immune system to fight the virus. Had I not been using liposomal vitamin c? No I hadn’t been using liposomal vitamin c…but I had tried to Titrate my bowel tolerance and had not been able to induce diarrhea at 15 grams of ascorbate per day. He said it’s because your body is in great need of the vitamin c, just as I had suspected! He gave me the recipe for lipo c right there in the office, I began making it at home, but traveling and taking it inconsistently had not been successful. So I am alive and pain free without taking any lysine, painkillers, or any other drug or supplement due to the consistency and the ease afforded me in those little portable packets provided by LivOn. It has literally saved my life. So please forgive me for being fervently supportive of a brand. It’s all in the lymph delivery right to the cells of the immune system. That is the key. However you can achieve that in high dose and consistency…do it. I cannot get the word out fast enough to my fellow trigeminal and encephalitic herpetic neuralgia sufferers. For them, every day contemplating death, on the edge of suicide, like me, the quick and potent delivery of vitamin C to quell the virus is imperative.


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