Month: May 2017


I have always supported expanded medicaid, a single payer system as a basic coverage, so people are not bankrupted by medical bills for a loved one. Option to purchase additional elite insurance has been instituted in some single payer systems such as Australia, with mixed but mostly good results. However, my belief in basic health-care-for-all

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The Argument over Saturated Fats…

Saturated fats used to be considered public enemy number one. Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) set by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee of the US Department of Agriculture in 1980 called for a reduction in saturated fats and an increase in grains, cereals and unsaturated oils in the American diet. In 2015 the principle arguments

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Vitamin C treatment for severe intractable pain, including acute post herpetic pain

This is the most compelling study on the use of vitamin c to resolve severe pain. My family member has never been able to take vitamin c citing stomach upset. All these years a tiny glass of orange juice in the morning has been enough for her. They don’t make people like this anymore…She is

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