Vitamin C treatment for severe intractable pain, including acute post herpetic pain

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This is the most compelling study on the use of vitamin c to resolve severe pain. My family member has never been able to take vitamin c citing stomach upset. All these years a tiny glass of orange juice in the morning has been enough for her. They don’t make people like this anymore…She is currently in severe idiopathic pain. I would wager a guess that she would benefit from high dose IV vitamin c at this time. It will be difficult to find a doctor to administer this to her right now as she is in a care facility. The stuff I am using for post herpetic Neuralgia is a liposomal vitamin C in between intravenous administration. The liposomal C is encapsulated in nanospheres of phospholipids from lecithin. This delivery method is absorbed through the lymph system in the first part of the small intestine called the Lacteals. It does not upset the stomach or cause diarrhea. This is the best delivery method barring intravenous delivery. 

Check out this very well researched study. 



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