New Hope for TN sufferers

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I have discovered vitamin patches

for those of us who need supplemental nutrition to calm and heal nerves and have trouble swallowing and absorbing nutrients from pills. I have achieved sustained levels of vitamin c and vitamin B6, B12 over the course of the day and night while sleeping soundly, using these sustained release transdermal vitamin patches. I think it is a superior way to get these nutrients of which, Trigeminal Neuralgia sufferers are so depleted. Pain is a stressor and depletes my body’s reserves, I don’t eat properly and don’t digest food properly for days during a TN episode, now I can replenish without taking pills that upset my stomach. The vitamin patches are available online and have been developed for bariatric patients. Vitamin C is a great analgesic for me as well as a good antiviral. I had successfully been taking IV vitamin C to quell outbreaks of TN2, and help with the pain…but it meant that I would be concerned about travel away from my IV vit c clinic for work or visits with family. Now I can travel and take my transdermal vitamin c with me…it has been a Godsend…I am so grateful. I feel so much better and a little more in control of this terrible affliction. I thought I needed to share this and provide an update to those who have been following my TN blog. Thank you for your support❤️


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