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I finally hit the sweet spot with my immune system needs for nutrients and it is proving to be a life saver. It came clear to me that my macrophages and other white blood cells need vitamin c in order to do their job. That is to quell the shingles virus living in my Trigeminal nerve. No longer could I take vitamin c orally, and I couldn’t stay right near my IV vitamin C clinic, captive to this one hour radius from the IV for emergencies. I was going to suffer travel away from it to go anywhere, visit my daughter on the west coast, travel with family, etc. it was all looking impossible, till a friend showed me vitamin C patches. Oh my God, I am so grateful this year! Thank you product developers at PatchMD. You have made a good life possible for me. I must tell everyone suffering with TN. My neurologist says about 20% of TN may be caused by a recurring herpes virus that lives in the Trigeminal nerve ganglion. For some reason, he stated, the immune system is impaired and overcome by the virus over and over again. This damages the nerve and leads to constant pain. We know this. I have been taking 6 grams of vitamin C in the morning and six grams at night, through a transdermal patch for six weeks. Plus a sub lingual dose of methylcobalamin, b12 of 5000 mcg. I also put half the b complex patch on in the morning and half on at night. It’s been truly a miracle. I feel ‘normal’, except for these little patches on my forearm, shoulder, and back. I pray that I can help others with my findings.


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