I have become a health and wellness consultant. It seemed to happen not by choice but by natural calling. My mother was a nurse nutritionist, and our house was full of books by Hans Selye and Adelle Davis, among others. I had brewer’s yeast in my baby bottle, mixed with raw eggs and powdered milk, and was the only kid at school in 1965 who had a sandwich made with two slices of ‘brown bread’ as it was called. As I grew up I made a point of finally reading all those health and nutrition books at my mother’s house. I devoured them. It was fascinating reading, and I was at once captivated.

Born from my mother, a daughter of the ‘goiter belt’ of America, who had undiagnosed low thyroid most if not all of her life, I started out a very sick child. She always said it was a miracle that I didn’t have cretinism. I had developed severe allergies to domestic animals, cats, dogs and horses, debilitating asthma, and intolerance to certain foods around age 9, poor eyesight at age 12. Allergies and asthma were almost unheard of back then. I was the sensitive one, the canary in the coal mine, the frontrunner to a whole generation of sick children that was to come after.

We lived on Long Island. The water table with only three feet of sand between it and the surface of the ground, was terribly polluted. Long Island was the market garden for New York City at the time, also home to infamous duck farms that supplied restaurants with fancy Long Island Duck. Stinking pools of excrement and bacteria spilled over from these farms.  Pesticide use had suddenly become vogue and in this shallow soil there wasn’t enough volume to filter water seeping into the ground water. We drank this pesticide- and herbicide-laden water. I didn’t, I hated water, and what was worse, preferred to drink milk! yes milk that had been contaminated by coal burning power plants, depositing mercury dust on the grass the cows ate. Below the thin layer of “fresh” water was salty brackish water that would later invade the wells. On summer evenings trucks drove up and down the village streets, giving off a cloud of pesticides. The “Bug Man”! Kids would joyfully ride their bikes in and out through the mist and laugh. My mother closed the windows and called her kids in.

I read and reread everything in the house, including all the books in our library by Edgar Cayce and Hans Holzer, Pearl S. Buck and Margaret Mead. My mother was also a mystic, astrologer and Rosicrucian. I too joined the Rosicrucians and learned numerology.

Later I gravitated more to my father’s realm of science, and became an environmental chemist and studied green building and indoor environmental quality. I worked for NYSERDA the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority from 2000-2012. When I discovered I had thyroid cancer I was 47 years old, working in that stressful job, commuting three hours driving myself in a car each day. My passion and expertise was in green building and indoor air quality. I ran programs for the State. Ironically, my desk was under fluorescent lights in a building that did not have operable windows. Our offices were across the road from the smelly Albany municipal  waste dump that burned methane and other gases emitted by the enormous landfill we called Mount Garbage. The air intake in the building did not filter the smell or the toxic components of the stench, so it entered through the air handling system and was caught up in the indoor air. I took a leave of absence, and went home to tend to my health issues. I had radical thyroidectomy surgery and radioactive iodine treatment, embarked on a cleansing regimen and anti-cancer diet plan that saved my life. I developed fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, severe arthritis, and went into menopause a month after treatment. My health was a wreck as I prepared to leave work and go on disability insurance. Gradually, I began to remember and honor my health and nutrition roots.

Intuitively I set out on a journey back to health that many years before had left me…It had been so long since I had truly been healthy, I forgot what that was like.

Now an avid listener, researcher,  board certified licensed massage therapist and a student in Nutrition and Functional Medicine, I continue to help myself, my family and friends to regain our bodies’ intuitive health.

What else does one do with a head full of knowledge and a heart with the desire to give so that others may be helped? This site begins so that I can make my observations available to a greater number of people.